We are so excited to share the 2023-2024 admission season offerings at 画了 with you. We have worked to design an admissions process that reflects our mission and truly puts you at the center of this journey. 我们想了解你,并使这个过程尽可能个性化. This allows you to design your experience while allowing us to get to know you better so that we can carefully curate the most dynamic class 网赌最好最大平台 has seen to date. 

我们的申请程序正在进行中. 我们鼓励你现在就开始 通过拉文纳询问. 一旦您询问,我们将能够通过电子邮件通知您最新情况. This platform is also w在这里 you will submit all documents (including the application), 注册事件, 并在过程结束时了解你的最终决定. 
If you are in 7th grade or younger and want to start learning about 画了 in an unofficial capacity we invite you to inquire through 拉文纳 as a future applicant. 

我们鼓励你通过事件去了解《网赌最好最大平台》的魔力. 在画了,活动一开始很盛大,但会根据你的兴趣变得更加集中和亲密. 所有赛事在拉文纳开放报名 8月24日,然后是另一个事件注册发布 9月11日. Visit the "探索的步骤" section below for more information on the types of events we offer.

你的研究和对校园的访问将为你提交申请做准备 2024年1月9日. 我们迫不及待地想和你联系,了解你的一切! 



  • 创建学生简介

    使用 拉文纳,创建一个 学生档案. 一旦创建了 拉文纳帐户, 在目录中搜索“网赌最好最大平台”,选择“Apply”查看所有步骤, 需求, 和事件.
  • 参加招生活动

    Exploring schools through events is an important and exciting part of the admissions experience. We know that seeing a campus and meeting members of the community is crucial for many and we also know that everyone has different schedules and commitments, that is why we are offering both in-person and virtual events this season to ensure everyone has a way of learning and experiencing the magic of 画了. 

  • 和我们谈谈!

    With the amount of attendees at events it can sometimes feel like it is hard to make a personal connection, 但我们真的想和你谈谈! We are all about connecting and getting to know you at 画了 so we encourage you to schedule a call or zoom session with 团队中的某个人,我们的一个 学生大使, or 父母/监护人.
  • 未来的申请人

    非常感谢你这么早就对网赌最好最大平台感兴趣. Future applicants are students in the 7th grade or younger who are t在这里fore not yet eligible to apply. We encourage you to create a 学生档案 on 拉文纳 and select “future” when prompted. 这是我们保持联系的最好方式. Our admissions events are intended for 8th graders applying to the 9th grade or transfers. 我们鼓励像你这样的未来申请者参加 社区活动, 就像我们秋天的戏码, 画廊走, 还有我们在家庭体育馆的运动项目, 所有这些都对公众开放. 我们迫不及待地想在时机成熟时了解更多关于你的信息!



  • 完成并提交申请

    学生和家长/监护人的申请截止日期为2024年1月9日. 申请可透过 拉文纳. 提交时需支付100美元的申请费. Application fee waivers will be available upon request, don’t hesitate to reach out to andrearicherson@loinimaginableposible.com.

    转移应用程序: Applicants must be exiting their prior school in good academic and disciplinary standing. 请按照下面列出的步骤申请并联系 乔安娜·洛维特 有问题吗?.
  • 注册并完成学生面试

    Students will have two options for interviews once families submit the parent/guardian application and pay the fee, 或完成ABC流程, 或SMART应用程序.  
  • 提交推荐表格

    网赌最好最大平台需要你现在的数学老师的推荐信, 英语老师, 还有一个管理员:顾问, 顾问, 或校长/校长, 等. 请按照上面的说明去做 拉文纳 查阅及提交所有表格. 在拉文纳, you will need to provide the email addresses of your recommendation writers so they receive the forms directly from 拉文纳 with instructions.
  • 索取成绩单

    填写并签署成绩单发布表,并将其提交给您现在的学校. Complete transcripts (last year and the first semester of the current year) can be uploaded to 拉文纳 通过你现在的学校或电子邮件发送给网赌最好最大平台 admissions@loinimaginableposible.com. 我们将继续接受成绩单,直到1月底.
  • 忘记那个分数吧!

    提醒一下, we have been test-free in admissions at 画了 since 2020 which means standardized testing is not required to apply nor will test results be accepted or reviewed. 你不只是一个分数!
  • 申请学费资助

    看到 学费援助 关于网赌最好最大平台的学费援助(TA)计划的完整信息页面. 申请截止日期为2024年1月9日 清晰.




  • 谁最适合网赌最好最大平台?

    网赌最好最大平台是男女生, 9 - 12年级, college preparatory independent school seeking students who have a strong academic background coupled with a sustained and diverse set of interests in the arts, 十大最好的网赌平台, service and who will contribute to 画了's thriving learning community in a meaningful and valued way. The Admission Committee works to achieve a class composition that is balanced and diverse in many respects.
  • 每个年级有多少学生?

  • 你们收国际学生吗?

    网赌最好最大平台欢迎国际学生的申请. Applicants must be fluent in 英语 and able to fully engage in a college preparatory curriculum. 网赌最好最大平台不提供英语作为第二语言(ESL)课程. Families are required to find their own housing; 画了 does not arrange home stays. 所有申请者, 不论国籍, 必须填写所有申请材料吗, 包括入学考试的成绩. 国际申请者被录取并注册后, 画了 will assist the student by issuing the I-20 form needed to apply for an F1 Visa.
  • 如果我的孩子被列入候补名单或被拒绝入学,这意味着什么?

    每年, 画了 receives applications from a greater number of qualified candidates than t在这里 are openings. Decisions to admit, wait pool, or deny candidates are impacted by the pool of students applying. 如果有空位,等待的候选人最终可能会重新访问.
  • 画了的学生住在哪里?

    网赌最好最大平台学生来自旧金山湾区各地. Most students live in San Francisco but nearly 30% of students hail from Marin County, 东湾, 还有城南. 画了 partners with other San Francisco schools to provide a bus service from the North Bay.
  • 网赌最好最大平台大学的标准化考试?

    画了 went test-free in 2020 and t在这里fore standardized testing is not required to apply nor will test scores be received or reviewed. 点击阅读我们关于测试的完整声明 在这里.
  • 网赌最好最大平台接受转学生吗?

    是的,我们可能在10-12年级有空缺. 请直接咨询招生主任 乔安娜·洛维特
  • 如果我的孩子有学习差异,需要住宿,我应该申请吗?

    We believe that all learners are diverse learners and our program is designed with this in mind. 为了让网赌最好最大平台做出明智的决定, parents and guardians are required to fully disclose in the application materials all relevant information regarding the applicant’s learning needs. 有了这些信息,并考虑到学生的最大利益, 画了 is able to determine if this is an appropriate educational environment for each applicant.
  • 如果我的孩子今年没有被录取,明年可以重新申请吗?

  • 网赌最好最大平台有着装要求吗?

    Students must use their best judgment and dress in a way that supports the educational goals and values of the school.
  • 你的申请人来自哪些学校?

    我们将收到来自50多个不同独立机构的申请, 海湾地区的教区和公立学校.
该校非歧视政策: 网赌最好最大平台学校欢迎任何种族的学生加入社区, color, 宗教, 性别认同, 性取向, 残疾或民族和种族的所有权利, 特权, 项目, 以及学校通常给予或提供给学生的活动. 学校适用所有法律规定,教育政策执行中的非歧视标准, 就业政策, 招生政策, 经济援助计划, 体育和其他学校管理的项目和活动.
网赌最好最大平台了解并相信青少年. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, 表达它的信心, 以及理解其影响的同理心.
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